Chilean Seabass Fillet


 Chilean Seabass

Chilean Seabass gives you peak of season freshness all year round. Our Chilean Seabass fillets have no preservatives and are cut-to-order. We offer a variety of cuts including skinless/bonless V-cut, skinless/boned straight cut and skin-on/boned straight cut.


Our Seabass is caught in deep ocean waters and frozen to preserve quality and freshness. Our special frozen-to-chill process gives you fresh caught quality and taste when you want it, any time of the year.


Seabass is a flaky white fish. Sprinkle salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning over the fish before fully wrapping it in tin foil. Place the foil on your grill. The fish will stay moist in its tin foil shell and the spices will be absorbed into the fish, giving it a spectacular island taste!


Chilean Seabass Fillet

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